Versatility Saves A Man’s Style

Every man wants to have a perfect style, a perfect wardrobe. In modern life, this is the key to making a good first impression, attracting attention, creating a sense of dignity, and being attractive and impressive in any environment. Having good style is the first step towards accessing opportunities for success in business. It allows your friends to consult you about creating styles and to give importance to your opinions. It shows that you care about your own body and that you are confident. It allows you to make a great first impression on your first date, to impress her. Her admiration for you never ends. Because a confident man is much more charismatic and sexy.

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However, men think that having the perfect style and wardrobe is very difficult or even impossible in terms of time. Because men tend to be lazy when it comes to style and self-care.  That’s why the number of men with a perfect style and wardrobe is less than the others. 

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However, these stylish men have a secret. It’s actually a simple trick rather than a secret. Every single cloth, shoe and accessory in their wardrobe is versatile. And this is a benefit that mathematics offers us: Combination. You can combine different and versatile clothes, shoes and accessories in many different ways. When you create these combinations, you will see that each combination one will look completely different from the other. That’s why men think the perfect style is a very expensive investment. They get the impression that the piece in each combination is a completely different piece. However, in fact, when making different combinations, stylish men add the shoes, belts or shirts they use in another combination. Thus, they achieve a completely different combination look with a single piece change.

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That’s the trick of the job. 


Shoes come first among the items that need to be versatile no matter what. Because your shoes must be of high quality and have a timeless design so that your feet can be comfortable in them. This means that a shoe like this is an expensive investment! But you don’t need to invest in 20 shoes to have the perfect style. It is enough to have quality shoes that you can combine with many different clothes in terms of a few colors and styles. For example, you can perfectly match black chelsea boots with your combination, which should be preferred for business meetings, or with your casual style.

men’s shoes


Regular fit trousers with straight legs instead of stretch trousers will provide you with a timeless style.



You should avoid using many accessories together. Because more than one accessory does not make you stylish, on the contrary, it causes a complex and intense look in terms of color and style. For example, if you like to wear jewelry in your daily style, do not wear both your necklace and earrings at the same time, it will look too much. Good, quality and stylish modern slim wallets for men will be at the top of your perfect and economical accessories that you can use both day and night. Because a man’s most important and only accessory that describes his style is his wallet. By choosing money wallets, a leather money clip or a slim wallet for men with money clip, you can pamper yourself in terms of style and easily complete each of your combinations.

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