Choosing Wallets: the Tips and Tricks

  Wallets are very important items we own. They carry our most precious belongings in them, like cash, cards, receipts and even sometimes our phone and keys! That’s why we should be extra careful before buying a new wallet. That new wallet should accommodate everything we need. Every person is unique, every person’s needs and likes in a wallet are also unique. So, everyone should go for different wallets that will suit them the best. In this article, the correct wallet choice for different types of people will be listed. 

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  People who like to spend cash should go for the wallets that have a cash compartment in them. There are many types of wallets that have this aspect; bifold wallets, zippered ones, trifold wallets, long wallets and etc. A wallet without cash compartment would make the life so much harder for these people. But for the people who use cards only, card holder can be the best match. Card holders are wallets with no fold or flap. They are generally made of a rectangular rigid material that has card slots on one or both sides. There are also cardholders with a zippered compartment, which is good for putting coins or receipts. One of the most popular materials that go very well with card holders,  as known as card cases, is leather. All types of leathers go well with minimal card case looks. 

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  People who generally go for classic and mature looks should look out for the genuine leather wallets. Genuine leather feels and looks so chic and sophisticated. Leather card holders are very trendy and have many types and colors, that will suit so many different people. Calfskin, sheepskin, lambskin, crocodile and many other leather types can be named and all of these leathers go with different colors. Calf, sheep, lambskin variations go well with muted colors such as black, creme and browns. Crocodile skin goes well with glossy and fun colors like burgundy, petroleum blue or mustard yellow. Matching the correct leather material with a correct color is also very important. Trendy colors should be chosen for “it” wallets, and classic colors should be chosen for the wallets that will be used for years. 

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   People who likes to use sustainable and cruelty-free items can go for faux leathers, cotton variations, sustainable plastics and tyvek. Faux leather is a very tricky material. Faux leather wallets should be bought with a very thorough research and from good brands. Many cheap and big brands make faux leather from very unsustainable materials with very pollutive ways. Instead of these brands, smaller brands with various certificates should be chosen. Some of the sustainable brands make faux leather from various fruit peels and seeds. These materials look so much better and also much better for the environment. Cotton can be also a tricky material and only the brands that get the cotton from organic and sustainable farmlands should be chosen. Tyvek is a very nice material that is also waterproof and lightweight. It is made from polyethylene and it is one hundred percent recyclable. Tyvek has a very sporty look and very suitable for the people who likes to be in nature often. 


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  People who work or study in artistic fields can go for the wallets that express their inner self. There are both designer and budget friendly brands that produce numerous wallets with unique designs, colors and styles. Artistic people should consider these wallets and opt out the plain ones. 

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  These were the tips and tricks for the people who want to buy a new wallet. If you feel like you relate to one of the examples above, we hope this article was helpful for you. Have a fun time shopping!

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